Friday, September 14, 2012

Final Lip Note

My company takes over the local amusement park for a picnic day once a year.  I gave away most of my tickets, but I had offered to help out so I had to go anyway.  I'm not a roller coaster fan, but I figured I'd take advantage of the food and drink and maybe run into a few people I know (I did).

Before I got to the park, I put on my lipstick and clear gloss.  I put both in my pocket and went to the entrance.

They took your ticket then had you walk through a metal detector.  I do not set off metal detectors.  I can have a pocket full of change, my necklace, my bracelet, my car keys, and so on ~ it doesn't go off.  It didn't go off.  (Well, that waist cinch at the airport did it.)

But they wanded everyone anyway.

He got to my pocket and I said "car fob" and pulled out the fob.  He checked again and beeeeeeep.  I said "I think that's it."  I thought, lip gloss is plastic.  But then I remembered lipstick is in a metal tube!  I was about to pull out the tube and he said "could it be the rivets in your jeans?"  I was wearing jeans shorts (again, my wife would pronounce them "too short", and they were shorter than most guy's shorts, longer than most women's shorts) and I took the out, as long as he was offering.  I said "I guess" instead of "I guess it's my lipstick" and he waved me in.


  1. Meg:

    We girls have got to think fast and be ready for the awkward moments. Of course, the lipstick would be you wife's, because she doesn't have any pockets in her clothes today and you're the pack animal. Everyone knows guys get stuck with stuff.

    Or, as I suspect you'd have done if pressed, just pull out the lipstick tube and show it. None of their business.

    The most offensive part in this is that a damn amusement park thinks they need to search patrons. Absurd.


  2. . . . and so, after reading and commenting you your post, I go to work. This time, first ever, I have some lip color lipstick on over some chapstick. Feels good, looks good, not really noticeable, I'm happy. Then I have to go to another agency for a meeting. Whoops -- magnetometer time (or should I call it a MEGnatometer in your honor). Anyway, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, girl. I empty my pockets into the bin for inspection, including the lipstick tube (very noticeable), and what??? Nothing. No second look, no comment, no nothing. Wheeeee. Just have to be sure I don't have to do that with friends around (which takes me back to my earlier advice).


    Hope you can make this week's Meetup at Christine's.


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