Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I Don't Care, I Care, I'm Careful

I have a favourite pink shirt.  It's a men's shirt (alas), a palish pink button-down shirt and initially I always wore it with a cotton ribbed (women's) tank underneath and pink socks.  I usually try to match my socks with my shirt and rarely get comments (other than from my wife).  I figured, pink socks would be the thing most likely to get a mention but....

As time went on, and I moved more towards the "I don't care" side of life, I started wearing more feminine camisoles instead of tanks under all of my shirts, if they'd support that.  With each wash, they support it less.

The other day, I put on a nylon stretchy lacy pink cami.  It has thin adjustable straps and I love the feel against my skin.  I looked at my reflection and saw that the lace and straps showed through Just A Bit and decided that would be OK for work.  No-one would notice (probably).

After breakfast, I took another look.  I guess as I wore the shirt the weave loosened a bit and the lace and straps were clearly visible.

CLEARLY visible.

I went to my closet where I have too many camisoles and the like.  I pulled out three pink cotton tanks.  One was the ribbed one that looked like an undershirt.  One was smoother cotton with the same silhouette.  The third had a deep neck and thin straps.  I decided to try that one.

You can see the tank through the shirt ~ the too-thin straps and the too-low, too-wide neck are visible without straining your eyes.  Would a guy wear an "undershirt" like that?  Maybe, probably not.  Could it pass as a new style?  Maybe, as much as my charm bracelet does.

I wore it and didn't worry about it.

I now know there's a stop at "careful" along the line from "care" to "don't care."  I'll keep that in mind in the future.

(Who note: my favourite non-t-ish line from the show Saturday: The Doctor is about to step across a line.  A companion points out the "Keep Out" sign.  The Doctor says "I've always considered signs like that to be suggestions, not orders.  Like 'Dry Clean Only'."  Actually, the dialogue lately has been pretty punchy.)


  1. Meg -

    I see you going from being careful to "I don't care" quite quickly... But, when many people are much more accepting of us these days, it is an acceptable chance to take.


  2. I think the world has slowly accepted the fact that there are a lot of people like you and as long as you've done nothing to them, you are always welcome to the society. It's a good thing though that you are starting your destination carefully instead of a quick, i-don't-care way.


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