Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thought Exercise

I was wondering how we would cope if there were fundamental differences between men and women that couldn't be disguised.

Suppose men were always two feet taller than women.  Or women had feet no larger than, say, size 5 and men had feet no smaller than size 9.  Or men and women had different dentition, or if women's pinky was only an inch long or if men had no fingernails or if women had no eyelashes.

How far would we go in (f)emulating?  Foot surgery and padded shoes when in drab?  Remove eyelashes and wear false eyelashes all the time?  Dental surgery and hope nobody notices, or no dental surgery and hope nobody notices?  And so on.

I guess we're lucky that topless is not the norm for western society.  Well, at least as crossdressers, we're lucky.  I suppose crossdressing doesn't exist in some aboriginal tribes ~ those featured in National Geographic when I was a child.


  1. If for some reason all the world went naked, there would be no cross dressers but there would still be transsexuals.

  2. Intriguing post Meg and yes I wonder how far we would go too. Speaking of National Geographic, in China before modern times, being a woman of means meant 'foot-binding' so that your foot was fashionably small. We are lucky indeed!

  3. From Josie, who had problems with Captua:

    "I wanted to post about the tribe members. maybe the crossdressers were the ones with neclaces and earrings that were a little more fem and have shaved legs."

  4. I'm grateful that men and women are so much alike! But if we weren't, then maybe this passion of ours might not also be part of our disposition....


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