Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

This seems to be "stuff reported elsewhere" week.  I've had some of these links queued up for a long time and I'm trying to downsize.  Since I was saving them to share, well....

Today's article came out of the HuffPost and the headline reads:

Steve Crecelius Goes To Hospital For Kidney Stone, Discovers Female Sex Traits

He's now transitioning, although how far isn't clear from the article.  An follow-up article from KDVR has some more details.  And, of course, having an unusual name means the googles will burp out all sorts of additional articles, pictures, videos.  (Funny thing: when I put his name in, I got several pictures in the "images for..." box ~ the last one was Steve Jobs.  Imagine his surprise.)

I'd go the "validating what I felt" route and take it as a sign that Meg should be Meg.  How about you?

I may have mentioned this before ~ I'm happy being Meg when I can, I wouldn't go the 24x7 route (too much work, methinks) but if the gummint knocked on my door and said "new law: you have to choose.  Male or female clothing, but none of this back-and-forth stuff," all of my pants and men's shirts would be in the Goodwill bin within the hour.


  1. Meg,
    I am happy being Pat when I can be Pat and I would not want to be Pat 24/7. Please keep the 'gummint' away from my door. You remind me of Reagan saying the big misnomer is the statement "I'm from the government and I'm here to help".


  2. Meg -

    I'm happy being femme when I can. And like you, if I had to choose one presentation over the other, I'd give away all my pants....

    Mind you, I've just had my first experience waiting on line for the loo - and walked away to a different one when it was only worth squatting for....



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