Sunday, September 16, 2012

Real Life Adventures

(שנה טובה [Shana Tovah] to all.  For anyone saying "huh?" just enjoy some apple dipped in honey)

I just enjoy this strip.  I don't know how many papers or websites it's on, but it deserves to be in more.  Any captions are mine and definitely not as funny as the strip itself.  But I kill me (see cartoon #9).

Guilty as charged

AND fit into a size 10 and look GOOD

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you

Yup, that's me too.  Black thumb.

Final Jeopardy

Mmmm.  Beeeeer.

Someone has to laugh at my jokes.  Might as well be me


  1. Happy New Year, Meg! May all your wishes, dreams, and prayers be answered!

  2. Let the Trumpets sound, d no regular work, and make an offering to the Lord.

  3. Love these clips.....


  4. Per first cartoon.... I think the definition of hoarding is gather or accumulate, it's expected to be items of value. So your right my piles (of junk)are of no value so guess, I'm a slob!!(with lots of company!)


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