Friday, September 28, 2012

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Sharon pointed me to an article in yesterday's Washington Post.  It was about organising closets, but the thing that caught her eye was the By The Numbers bit at the end of the article.  It said that 25% of American women own more than 50 pairs of shoes.

I don't know how I fit into that demographic, not being a real honest human woman.  But I took the shoe survey anyway.  I fudged it a bit, because I don't go out much.  For instance I read "once a week" or "once a day" as "every seven or so times I dress" or "every time I dress."

I probably have close to 40 pair, but I got rid of several at the last clothing swap.  That was one of the good things that my housesitting adventure wrought ~ I had time to wear many of my shoes for at least an hour standing so I could judge whether to keep them or not.  A couple didn't make it past the five minute mark!  Fortunately, most of my shoes are fairly inexpensive.

As to the survey ~ I earned the Carrie Bradshaw Prize.  And I have five pair of shoes I wear when drab, but four of them are women's shoes.  Nothing's easy for us, even counting shoes!

And if you feel like counting....  There's a quick little poll to the right.

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