Monday, September 3, 2012

I'm Sure There Are Many More

but the interesting thing is, they're getting more help young, and more people are hearing about it.  As I wrote in May about a five year old transgendered child, exposure is good.

This article is about two years old, and it's interesting in that it's from Arizona and it's sympathetic to the subject of the story.

It's titled Meet Josie, 9: No secret she's transgender and you can follow that link to read the whole story.  But as impressed as I was with Josie, I love that her mother said:

"Josie is very proud of who she is," Venessia says. "Why go through life with a secret? Where's the health in that? There should be no shame."

Go Venessia!

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  1. I told you Tucson was good for trans folks! Stephanie Innes has done some great local community stories here - she covered the IFGE conference in 2008, and I think the article I showed you about Erin was one of hers as well.

    And if you ever get back here, I will make sure you meet Venessia and Josie. :-)


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