Monday, September 10, 2012

Sometimes, "Dr" Is Just a Title

I get up early, usually around 515 or 530.  I often turn on Primer Impacto because the women who do the news wear some of the best dresses on television.  I've seen some trans-stories on the show, but, alal, I don't understand a word of it.  (Sometimes, someone says "OK".  I understand that.)

At 530 I switch to CNN if I have nothing else to watch and I catch a little news until 6, when I switch to the headline news show.  I don't know why.  They have 30 minutes to give all the top news and they mostly have fluff ("this family came home to find a deer in their swimming pool!").

If I do have something to watch, I skip CNN and turn to headline news so when my show is over I'll be catching what passes for cable news.  Last Friday, I had the previous night's Daily Show and Colbert ready so I changed channels and saw Dr Drew talking with someone who made my t-dar alarm go off.

Nina Arsenault
It turns out her name was Nina Arsenault (google her ~ there's a lot of stuff on the internet).  She's a post-op wearer-of-many-hats: writer, actress, and more.  The Story Of The Year: a convicted murderer in Massachusetts was allowed by a judge to get gender reassignment surgery at taxpayer expense.  CNN put up a few minutes of the half-hour show, along with a couple of paragraphs.  They don't do this train wreck of a show justice.  Ms Arsenault was literate, calm, and persuasive.  Pamela Geller, who they listed as a "conservative commentator" was an embarrassment ~ no matter what side of the debate you're on.  She speaks with the certainty of the ignorant and goes off on tangents that have nothing to with with this case, and a lot to do with transphobia.

The text and host are worse: they give the woman's name as "Michelle" ~ yes, they put quotes around it.  At one point Dr Drew says "he, she...  I get confused about these things."  And the headline refers to the "sex change surgery."

Dr Drew ~ if you "get confused by these things" then don't tackle them.  You're setting back out cause twenty years.

And I hope this is the last derivative piece I have for a while.  But it is a good sign that we're out there in the media.


  1. Meg,
    Check out Fox News and Fox Business. Their girls wear some GREAT dresses.

  2. I've noticed. And they have them sit on couches so you can enjoy them more. That's another show (like the Spanish one) that I watch with the sound OFF.

  3. Meg,
    Don't sell Anonymous short. Fox News from 5-6 AM is a good start to the day. The news is fairly stright with a mix of human interest but the anchorwomen on stools are all worth watching. Hair and makeup ~ dresses and shoes. FNC has the talent.


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