Thursday, March 1, 2012

My New Schedule

I seem to have settled on weekend comics and freeform weekdays.  Comics get pre-empted if something interesting is going on.

Well, something interesting is going on, but I'd like to confine it to Thursday.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my wife has opened a tentative dialogue about Meg.  She also offered the possibility of seeing a therapist to discuss her, among other things.  I worry that the "other things" will overshadow what I need to talk about, but time will tell.

One of my readers mentioned a local couples therapist who is an active part of the community and has an accepting partner.  I haven't mentioned him to my wife; I think she'd feel I was stacking the deck and be turned off by the idea.  I may mention him in the future.  I say he because that's how he presents as a therapist.

In the meantime, my wife spoke to some of her therapist friends and found someone they all recommended.  Our first appointment is next Tuesday, and that's why I'd like to write about it on Thursday.  Tuesday night might be taken up with a "couples recap."  I'm not sure what form that will take, but knowing my wife she will not stop talking when the hour is up.  So Wednesday night would be a good time to write, and I can give a progress report on Thursday.

I think what's going on between my wife and myself and my other self might be commonplace, and it might help others who are at the same stage in their relationships.  I'd love to hear from readers who have been here, and what happened, and how it turned out.

One of my issues that's bubbling to the surface is, I am just tired of hiding.  I don't know how this will be resolved.  I suspect the only way forward is to continue hiding.

Already, my wife is in her "anxiety mode," which manifests itself in random arguments.  She doesn't recognise it but I sure do.

And it's something else to talk about.


  1. Wow. Good luck, Meg. I hope that this is a positive step for both you and your wife. I'll be reading.

  2. I think the odds are good that the joint therapy will be positive for all of you.
    It may be that you relationship with you wife is very similar to the subject of Stana's post yesterday. I surmise you wife would be perfectly fine dealing with me or Stana or most of us while we were dressed...she just has a major issue when the person in the dress is you.
    Good luck

  3. Meg-
    Just want to say I hope the sessions turn out very well for you!
    I had to laugh when you said your wife would likely not stop talking after the one hour part... thanks, you make me laugh!
    Sara E


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