Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Or In School But not Attending Class

I'll be able to meet with the principal to go over the class material during class and with the teacher after class.  And I'll drive my son home and I always ask him about class, so that will be normal.

One interesting note: they will have a special guest ~ a former student who is now transitioning from F to M.

Meanwhile, my wife has "a request:" if anyone asks why I'm interested (the school personnel, or my son) I'm to not tell them.

I ignored her request.  If she presses for an answer, I'll tell her I make no promises.  I don't tell stories, so the only other answer is "I can't tell you."


  1. I’m impressed that your synagogue provides such “training”. I was a public school graduate and I think that they failed in teaching common interaction skills. Knowing about the different kind of people you meet, their beliefs, handicaps, and level of education. Know how to “react” to someone whom may not be exactly the same as you are, and be able to respect their values. I have met so many people over the years that still act with childish behavior as if their 10 years old. I’m sure it’s because they are embarrassed because there little understanding of other people’s needs. As Rush Limbaugh, found out (the hard way) a little respect goes a long way (or keep you thoughts inside).

  2. Meg, that is an easy one. When asked why you are interested, you can very honestly say that you know some MTF transsexuals and crossdressers. You are want to know what your son is being told.

    Easy and honest.

  3. And too close to a story. If it comes down to it, at the least, I'll say "I have a dog in this fight."

  4. Perhaps you can bring your wife along when you are at the temple during the session attended by your son.
    She can serve to help filter out anything you may be inclined to say and she can the feel secure that the 'temple' community is none the wiser about your being TG.
    Since there will be someone doing 'outreach' your wife may be concerned that you will be the next volunteer to do TG outreach.


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