Friday, March 30, 2012

Sharon and Cynthia ~ A Chance Encounter

I returned to my car the same way I went to the nail spa for three reasons:

One, I was emboldened by my walk through the gauntlet of people: no problems, no issues, and lots of pretty outfits to look at while I was walking.  Plus, the more I'm seen, the more I'm recognised as a crossdresser, the more civilians will get used to us and be comfortable around us.

Two, I had new nails to show off.

And three, I know how to find my car this way.  If I went down, I'd be uncertain what level I was on and probably spend more time wandering around the parking garage, looking dumb.

I wanted to shop a bit, but Sharon had called while I was getting my nails done, and I knew I had to hustle so I wouldn't keep her waiting.  So I headed back, past the shops, up the escalator, through the throngs, and out to the parking garage.  I crossed the bridge over the street below and started down the stairs.

As I approached the stairs I saw an elderly lady with an aluminum cane in one hand and a couple of very large shopping bags in the other.  I noticed that the most prominent bag was from Victoria's Secret.  I also noticed she was wearing flip-flop with about an inch thick rubber sole.

As I got closer, a small group of teens was walking up the stairs.  One girl said "can I help you with that?"  The lady said no.  As I walked past, I asked if I could help her as well.  Once again, she said no.  I walked ahead, but looked back.

As I got to the next level, I saw she had managed to get to the landing above.  I called up, "Please let me help you with those bags" and she said "if you want to...."

So I walked back up one landing and picked up the Victoria's Secret and other bag and started walking slowly down.  Now I also noticed she was using a cane and holding a lit cigarette.  The bags were both bulky and heavy.

She looked at me and said "where are you going?"  I was about to say "level two" but realised she meant "where are you going all dressed up?" so I said "out to dinner with a friend and then to a girls' night out."  She said "you look wonderful" and "it's great that you're going out with the ladies."

We chatted a bit more, mostly about where we were going within the lot.  I walked all the way down with her and she said "I hear honking ~ that must be for me" and I left her there.  I went back up the stairs and had an uneventful drive to the Reston Town Centre.  I parked and walked through more large crowds and finally got to meet Sharon Rose, who was standing outside the restaurant.


  1. Well done, an act of real kindness, and braving the crowds

  2. OMG! You know how to draw out the suspense girl!!! On with the tale LOL!


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