Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Weekend Update Update

It looks like my wife is going with the boys to the concert.

This means Meg can go out Friday afternoon and evening.

Except there's two possible problems.  They're not really problems, but I don't always look on the bright side of life.

First, I need something to do, or someone to do something with, or both.  I don't want to just go to the mall and walk around and go home.  I may visit the local synagogue (although not my synagogue).  If I have time, I'll see if there are any local ladies on URNA who might want to get together.  I'd like to go shopping, dinner, a movie... but not on my own.

Second, last weekend my youngest and my wife were sick.  They're still hacking and coughing.  My oldest was home for spring break; yesterday, he sent me a note: he's sick too.  I'm hoping I either dodged the bullet or it'll play itself out before the weekend (or wait a few days).

I have been preparing.  I don't mind ~ it's all stuff I like to do anyway.  I'm pretty hair-free right now.  I'm trying to make time today or tomorrow to get my haircut and eyebrows waxed.  I went to TJ Maxx and bought two new dresses.

Update: I have a brow appointment for 3:30.  I'll get my haircut afterwards.  There's a Sephora, a VS, and an H&M  in between the two salons.  I may pick up something.

And I have a schedule:
* the boys leave from school around 2:30.
* I plan to arrive home around 2:30.  I would take off earlier, but maybe someone forgot something and they have to head home first.  So 2:30 it is.
* shower, shave, dress and I should be ready to go at 4:30
* IF I decide to go for a manicure, I can be at the mall at 5.
* I should be done and dry by 6.

Now all I need is something to do.  Shopping is looking better, but if that's all I'm doing I'll skip the nails.  At TJ Maxx, the price of a manicure can buy a top and skirt.

AND, even if I don't get out, I have two new dresses.  Yay!


  1. Meg,

    How much do you take off your eyebrows? What do you tell them at the salon?

    I usually pluck mine from the bottom and trim the top with scissors. I try for an androgynous appearance for my eyebrows, but other T-Girls have said they are still a bit too thick. I prefer trimming myself a bit every week so the changes appear gradual.

    Maybe you could take before and after shots.


  2. How about going to concert yourself, or a gallery, or a play. Maybe a meal, I know all these things are more fun when shared with somebody else, but they are still fun on your own as Meg.
    I know you like to push your comfort zone, this could be an opportunity. By the by is your wife going with the bys to avoid Meg?

  3. You can contact Vanessa S. directly, and see if she is playing and you can attend one of her concerts; maybe head to the Kennedy Center; catch an art show, musical, .... ?

  4. Meg, hope you can still get out for something this weekend. Sounds like it's been a rough week for you!
    Sara E.


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