Friday, March 2, 2012

When You're a Huh?

While thinking about MTV, I remembered that there was a great David Bowie video for Boys Keep Swinging.  At least, I thought it was great.  It seemed like every time I turned it on I only caught the last few seconds and was never quite sure what I was seeing.  I finally thought to look for it on YouTube and, of course, it was there.

And now it's here, for your enjoyment.  And here, if the embed doesn't work right.


  1. Yep.. When you're a boy.

    There's more truth in that song than most trannies will ever understand.

    That's because most of them are too swallowed up in the gender-binary.

    Why be a "girl," when you can be a boy AND a girl?

  2. I had to look up and make sure I was recognizing David as all three of the women... so glad to know I was right! I also noticed that when feminized, he didn't have any forms... interesting no?

  3. Hi Meg- Hope you got some good dancing in to this song, in heels! :)
    Sara Elise


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