Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is Anyone Paying Attention?

For the past few weeks now, I've been wearing lip gloss.

I have about a half-dozen sitting in my desk drawer downstairs.  For the first week or so, I would put on a clear gloss right before I left the house and put it back into the drawer.

For the next week, I started cycling through the glosses, picking a different one each day and putting it back in the desk after applying.  Most of the glosses are tinted, but in a shade close to my natural lip colour.

The next week, I changed my routine a bit: I put the gloss into my pocket and touched up my lips a few times a day.

Starting last week, I decided I liked one gloss better than the others: MAC Viva Glam V Lipglass (yes, they call it "lipglass").  So I've been bringing that one in daily, and touching up as needed.  I touch up in the men's room, as long as no-one is clearly present.  I will touch up if someone's in a stall.

I have a distinctive coffee mug.  It now regularly has a gloss lipmark on the rim.

No-one has said a word.

My plan going forward: finish this lipglass, then switch to one I don't love so much.  I'll probably pick up another of the Viva Glam V's but put it aside while I use up my other glosses.  As I use up the other gloss, I think I'll get a different brand and try that, instead of getting the same one ~ I want to see if I can find a new favourite, but I like the MAC so much I want to make sure I have a tube in case they phase it out.

If someone mentions the shiny lips or the lipstick mark on my mug, I plan to say, "it's probably the chapstick I'm using.  Or the lipgloss I put over it."  I'm not sure if I'll add the second sentence for everyone, but I suspect most people know me well enough to assume I'm making a joke.


  1. I've removed facial and body hair fairly regularly since about 1998 and seriously shaped my brows since about 2000 ~ almost nobody has commented.

    I've had pierced ears since about 2000 ~ almost nobody has commented.

    I've grown my hair out (it's currently down to the bottom of my bra band) and have a fringe (bangs) ~ almost nobody has commented.

    I've had long acrylic nails painted in fairly obvious colours for over a year ~ almost nobody has commented.

    I've gone out en femme, without a wig, in my local area ~ almost nobody has commented.

    Just because they don't say anything doesn't mean that they haven't noticed. ;)

    PS Yes, I've been making an effort to use tildes instead of hyphens ~ consistently. :)

  2. Yay Alice! To both being true to yourself ~ and to spreading the word!

  3. Don't confuse the tilde with em- and en-dashes!!!!! Also, nobody has said you your face! Plenty will have been said behind your back. Be realistic about your situation and you won't be setting yourself up for major disappointment.

  4. The goal, anon, is to replace the dash ~ I don't care what width they are. Or a colon, for that matter.

    As for disappointment, I'm not sure what you could possibly mean.


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