Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunday School Redux

I met with the principal who gave me a one-page summary of the class.  She said she sat in on the earlier session so she could see what it was about and give me a good review.

She never asked me what my interest was; she did thank me for my interest.  I did mention that, although I always discuss the class with my son, I had a particular interest in this class.

After class, I met with the teacher.  He went over what they covered although mostly I was interested in what my son thought of it.  He really had no good insight.  "Fine," "nothing negative," "he participated...."  Things of that nature.

Neither asked what my interest was, although I made it clear that I knew more than the average civilian, and had interest in this particular topic.

My son, for the record, pronounced the entire session "stupid."  He did like the previous one on Jewish ethics.

He didn't comment on the FtM guest, and I didn't ask specifically about him.

I'm thinking, while this is fresh in his mind, we should have a little talk, starting with "do you know anyone who's transgendered?"


  1. Hi Meg
    Unless your wife is Ok , with your son knowing about Meg, I would not talk about it. Your wife could get very angry, if you told him .

  2. You could just ask him, point blank, what does he think about Trans folks in general and if he knows the nuances. If he asks why the interest, remind him that he did see you as Christine O'Donnell. Then tell him that it wasn't the first time and that you have done it since. See if he gets the hint. BTW, homophobia and it's evil twin transphobia, usually isnt tolerated at schools (prbably even parochail schools). So his answers might surprise you.


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