Sunday, March 4, 2012

Goodbye. I'll Miss You All

Even though I've never seen any T-content, I've enjoyed The Elderberries since I first stumbled upon them, as Corey Pandolph was taking over for Phil Frank.  It followed the exploits of an odd band of retirees in a retirement home.

A month ago, the strip involved the home's management being told the home will be closed in a month.

Today, The Elderberries retire.  The residents have found new lives among friends and family, except for Dusty (the cowboy) and the professor, who have moved into a New York apartment together.  The Odd Couple is obviously the "Neil Simon play" they're referring to.

Actually, following that pair would make a good strip.  Click to make the last Elderberries enjoyable.It was great to have a month to say goodbye ~ as good a sendoff as the final Calvin and Hobbes strip, I think.

In other comics news, I noticed Richard Thompson's Cul-de-sac looked a bit odd last week.  I did a bit of digging and found out that, as he's being treated for Parkinson's (I wish you the best!) his strip is being drawn by a series of artists, one a week for six weeks.  And last week's was Corey Pandolph.  The Norm's Michael Jantze took over the week before and I didn't even notice.  Lincoln Pierce ("Big Nate") and Stephan Pastis ("Pearls Before Swine") are coming up.  The first Cu-de-sac cartoon is below.

And just because it's great, the final Calvin and Hobbes follows.


  1. thanks for linking to these comics! I love them, keep them coming!

  2. Love Cul-de-sac, and I have been concerned by the change of artists. Thanks for revealing the reason. Sounds like he will be back. The Parkinson's explains a lot about the drawing style.

  3. Thanks for the comics, Meg. Cul-de-sac has become one of my favorites.

    Calvin and Hobbes was a wonderful strip and the final Calvin is a fine example of what made it so great.

  4. Meg you stinker! I saw a link to this post title and thought you were going to stop your blog and go hide. You scared me for a moment! Be careful...



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