Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Update

Last week, I mentioned that the boys have tickets to a concert a fair distance from the house.  I said there were four options:

* trust the boys to go alone, stay in a hotel together, and make it back the next day.
* I go with the boys
* my wife goes with the boys.
* we all go.

I said I liked option 3, because that means a Meg day (Friday night to go out, Saturday morning to put everything away and comfortable nightwear in between).

My wife is leaning towards option 1.  She thinks it'll be a good experience and teach them a bit about being on their own ~ something schools do not teach well.

I'm still nervous, but maybe she has a point.  And it also occurred to me that I can use that weekend to see if my wife is interested in walking the walk: I'll do Meg anyway.

Thursday night, I started preparing.  I shaved my arms so they'll be easier to keep clean by week's end.  Last weekend was a mess because of chess, but tonight I'll touch up my arms and shave my legs.  I'm going to see if I can find something new to wear this week, and I may see if I can take a bit of time to get my hair cut and brows waxed.  If I can't get those grooming events, I'll spend some time on my brows (I've been neglecting them) and make an appointment with my favourite spa lady ~ the one who usually does my brows ~ to give Meg a manicure Friday afternoon.  I think she'd like to meet Meg.  I talk about her a lot.


  1. Meg time is Meg time. Take what time you can to be Meg under whatever circumstances you can. While option 3 seems the best perhaps option 1 has even more potential benefit if it does little more than give your wife some time to get to know Meg.
    Good Luck

  2. Yes Meg time is important, and I'm sure that it makes you a nicer more rounded person, but family first. As a parent I can understand yoru reluctance to let the boys lose on thier own, but it will have to happen one day, you and your wife together are the best people to know if they are ready for that yet. ~ "walking the walk" does this mean that the time for talking is over?

  3. I don't mean talking is over, Paula, I mean I want to see if she means what she says.

    Therapy today makes me think otherwise, but that's for another post on another day.


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