Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Daily Deals

I check Woot and DailySteals and Giveaway Of The Day (and Femulate and A Perfect Luv and Reflected Wisdom [which NEVER changes, Liz] and Raising My Rainbow and Gwen and Jessica and a host of other ladies).  I haven't checked out any of the other local/daily deal sites like Groupon or Amazon Local yet.

But I found out about a couple that bear a second look and I'll add them to my daily list and see if they live up to their potential.

The first is ShoePrivee.  They have a shoe deal a day.  You tell it your size and it shows you today's deal in that size.  My problems:

* shoe sizes only go up to 12, which may not work for some of my readers, and they don't specify widths.  I need 11W, or 10-1/2W. 
* you have to register and log in.
* the shoes I've seen so far are uniformly outrageous.  I want everyday shoes.

The second is Cheap Undies.  I've only been there once so far.  They change their featured deal at noon Eastern time (that's generally GMT-5.0 for the rest of the world).  They feature one men's and one women's underwear item a day.  The featured women's set was nothing I'd buy, but there's also a "last chance deals" link which had bras for as little as $5.

As I said, I'll keep checking.  And I'll check out ideeli while I'm at it.

One little trick that I use: I bookmarked all of my "daily" sites and open them in a single Firefox window.  I usually have several Firefox windows open, each with way too many tabs.  Once or twice a day, I go to my daily sites window and right-click on a tab.  Firefox has a "reload all tabs" feature.  One click and everything's up to date.

And if you have not seen Raising My Rainbow, you must check it out.  It's the ongoing story of a "gender nonconforming" boy being raised to be himself by an incredibly loving and articulate mom.  Must read.  I'm going back to day one now and I am loving this story.

And a note to Anonymous: I appreciate your comment on Weekend Update.  I can't edit it, but I can't post it with the f-word in it.  If you'd like to self-edit and resubmit....

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