Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Travelling Again

As I mentioned, I had another trip to Arizona. It was my shortest trip yet: due to other considerations at work I couldn't go until Wednesday, and due to the fact that I was spending my Meg budget on hotels and meals, I couldn't stay until Sunday.

My suitcase wasn't quite as full as usual.  Realistically, the difference between four work overnights and two work overnights is just a shirt and a pair of pants.  But Meg's breastforms take up almost half of my case.  Add a pair of shoes (two for two days as Meg) and it's easily half.  Makeup, jewelry, wig, brush....  It takes a lot of real estate.  I think if I was packing for my drab self for those three nights I could have packed in a bowling bag instead of a suitcase that would have to go in the overhead.  I check my bag anyway.  I don't want to worry about my makeup remover being over three ounces.  And I hate lugging a suitcase through the airport.

My plan, as I mentioned a few days ago, was to get out of the office on Friday, drive to Tucson, change, probably go to synagogue again, and meet one of my friends for dinner.  I was also eying the casino that was not too far from the hotel.  And if could get out early enough, I'd go to Alice Rae's Intimate Apparel.  Dorothy has been egging me on ever since we met.  Alice Rae's closes at 5:30 which meant an hour before services but I'm sure I could find some additional shopping.

By Thursday night I had gotten rid of my body hair, I tried out (and liked) the lipstick/gloss I brought, and I was ready for Friday night.  Since I had to check out in the morning, I packed everything carefully, with my day clothes out and my Meg clothes at the top of the case, and went to bed at around 11 Arizona time.  Oddly, I wasn't that tired, even though that was 1am Eastern.

Then things started to fall apart.

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  1. Meg, I love your trips. I plan my Diane time, just like you down to the last detail.



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