Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not to Be, It Seems

As I said, I went to bed around 11.  I proceeded to wake up around 1 and could NOT fall back to sleep.  I finally did, shortly before my alarm went off.  That's one strike against Meg going out.

At work, we are in a crunch situation.  My staff is expected to put in sixty hour weeks, 10 hours a day, six days a week, for the next couple of weeks.  What I didn't know is, I was expected to do the same.  On the east coast, they decided our "core hours," when everyone had to be in the office, was from 9 to 5.  Well, I have some leeway so I decided the Arizona core hours were 7 to 3.  That was better, but I had after-work deadlines:

to get to dinner or services dressed, I had to leave by 3.
to do some shopping (Alice Rae) dressed, I had to leave by 1.

There was no way I could leave before 3.  Or at 3.  Strike two.

I did get out around 3:30.

Earlier in the day, I decided that services were out (too tired) so I e-mailed Andrea and told her I could meet her around 6:30.  I figured anything later and I'd fall asleep at dinner.

On my drive up, I decided that I was just too tired to dress.  I could make it to Alice Rae's if I went straight there.  I really wanted to go dressed, but I did want to check out this little intimate apparel shop.

On my fourth trip, I finally made it.

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