Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday, at the office, one of the women walked past my office and said "how did you know I was going to wear the same shirt as you?"

We both had on blue button-down shirts but the similarity ended there.  She had different-coloured cuffs and her shirt was quite fitted.  So I said "I like your cuffs.  Wanna trade?"

She came in and said "that's the only difference.  That, and it buttons down the other side."  I ran my finger across my side from under my arm to my nipple and said "and this," referring to the dart, which she definitely needed.  She said "and that" and turned and left.  I think I embarrassed her a bit.

So today, I'm wearing a shirt that buttons down the wrong side.  I also have on a silky (probably poly) tank underneath and I left a button open so you can see it peeking through.

Let's see if she (or anyone else) says anything.

Update: I forgot to mention that one of my wife's co-workers, someone we've met with socially on numerous occasions, works in our area.  We share a kitchen area, halls, but his area is a secure room; we're outside that room.  But I see him on average once or twice a day.


My day is brighter when I hear from my friends!