Thursday, February 16, 2012

You Never Know

The other day I was wandering around the local mall (in drab) and I walked through the cosmetics area at Macy's.  I thought about asking for a gloss in my shade.  I considered Clinique, since they usually have a good product at a reasonable price.

As I approached the counter, I felt nervous.  There were three salesladies standing there chatting and I felt uncomfortable so I continued walking by.  One greeted me; I returned the greeting but kept walking.

I left the store and wondered why I reacted the way I did.  I knew I didn't need more gloss ~ I have a half-dozen or so ~ but I wanted to look and chat with the Clinique lady.  So why didn't I?

I don't know, but I decided that I needed to get over it so I walked back in, and I walked straight up to the Clinique clique and said "I'm looking for a lip gloss" to the woman who said "may I help you?"

The other ladies vanished and we walked around to where the gloss was.  She asked if I knew what colour I wanted and I said I didn't know, but I was looking for something that was either clear, or would match my lip colour.  She looked surprised and said "it's for you?"  I said "yes" and she said "so you want a little bit of colour?"  I said "no, I want a little bit of shine."

She found a shade that looked like a match (Apricot) and touched a little to her finger and applied it to her wrist.  She asked if I'd like to try it on.  I said I would, and I put some on my finger and applied it to the right side of my lips, so I could see the difference.

It looked pretty good: a good colour match but not really as much shine as I wanted.  But it looked pretty good.  I told her I'd take it.  She asked if I wanted two; I said I'll start with one and if I like it I'll buy two next time.  She laughed and took my money and I was on my way.

I still don't know why I was nervous.  I do know that life's better when you're not.


  1. Why you were nervous: You are an introvert, you've mentioned it before.
    Three women in a cluster are intimidating to people who aren't introverted, there IS power in numbers (and you have the unique perspective to know how women act when others aren't around!)

  2. The saleswomen should know that getting together talking-with no consideration that just because you were a "man" and that your not buying product. This is a kind of intimidation that stores work hard to stop. I would often speck with the salesperson and explain there inconsideration of me, noting there should be a learning of noticing customers. Of note, I worked retail and in one store where management would fire you for not recognizing and at least say hello to every customer.


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