Monday, February 6, 2012

Girls' Night Out

Liz caught Dorothy, Meg, and Aeify
We went from the mall to the hotel to a nice Chinese restaurant.  Stopping at the hotel to freshen up meant no ladies' room challenges for me this day.  I don't know if that's good or bad.  I need to do that more, but it makes me really nervous.

We had five for dinner.  Liz asked some friends if they could join us, but no-one could.  Maybe next time.  I wanted to limit the dinner to eight.  I really would prefer to meet each person individually first ~ I can't hear well over background noise so it's hard to follow dinner party conversations unless I'm sitting right next to someone.  But if I know something about the other people I can maybe figure out what I couldn't hear and enjoy it more.  And, even though Meg isn't quite the introvert I am, she's more comfortable with fewer strangers.

So we had Liz, Dorothy, Andrea (from the hotel), Aeify, and me.  And a great time.  If you stood us in a line we were gg, tg, gg, tg, gg.  That's better than boy-girl-boy-girl any day!

The food was OK, but I didn't really care.  I had fun; I hope we all did.  Liz sat on my right hand, Aeify on my left.  I am now trying very hard not to say how hard it was to eat with someone sitting on each of my hands.

We talked abaout work, and people, and our own little kinks (Liz seemed immune), and a little of everything.

Aeify, Liz, Meg, Dorothy.  Andrea didn't want to be seen.
After dinner, we adjourned to the parking lot where we talked some more.  I finally had to break it up so I could get changed and to bed ~ Aeify and I had to get to the airport early.  Although Aeify's flight was at least an hour later than mine, I talked her into coming down with me so we could say goodbye.


  1. There’s a kind of blue that is matching you together and more over: it’s definitely my kind of color so if I had been rich (enough to fly in for the occasion) instead of just being pretty, I would have blended in easily ☺ Blessings to you all.

  2. Corinna, I didn't even notice! Aeify and Liz match particularly well.

    Maybe I can get out to The Netherlands some day and we can visit. And if you ever get to the states, don't you DARE forget to tell me!

  3. Immune? Me? Really? Whatever conversational snippet gave that impression must have gone totally over my head. ;-)


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