Friday, February 10, 2012

You Can Get Anything You Want at Alice Rae's

Dorothy has been telling me to visit Alice Rae Fine Intimate Apparel since my first trip to Tucson.  I finally made it, although in drab.

My problem with intimate apparel shops is, they're usually outside my price range.  I know quality lingerie, like quality wigs, is expensive.  I just hate going into a shop where I know I'm out of my price range.

I was looking for serious shapewear.  They seem to focus on bras; more on that in a moment.

I made it clear I was looking for items for myself.  Terry, who was behind the counter, had no problem with that at all.

I saw one interesting corset ~ it was a heavy material, the better to swear off the inches, and could be put on by one person.  There were two rows of eyes for the heavy-duty hooks so as you shrunk your waist you could go to the second set.  Terry offered to let me try it on, so I did.  She suggested a small might work.

It didn't.  I could close one hook on the bottom and that was IT.  They had no larger sizes at the moment.

I also tried a shaping camisole, so tight that it had to be pulled up instead of over my head.  It did a good job of pulling in my tummy but it also emphasised the fact that I have NO hips at all.  Without a bust, I looked like I was stuffed into a sausage wrapping.

Camisoles and shapewear where on racks in the front of the store.  As I was looking around I did notice one padded panty, but I forgot to follow up on that.  I have one, but it's kind of unsatisfactory and I'd like to try something else, maybe with hip pads as well as butt pads.

I mentioned that I'd like to look for a bra, but I'd need my forms.  She pointed out a series of bras that all have pockets for pads.  I told her Victoria's Secret measured me and said I was a 42-B but I generally wore a 38-C and closed it to the smallest band I could.  She measured me and suggested I might even be a 36, but in that case I'd need a D.  (Victoria's Secret doesn't even carry 40 and above and the saleslady tried to sell me a 38, even though she just told me I was a 42.)

Bras seemed to be in the $50 range, which I think is reasonable, even though it's probably twice what I normally pay.  I get the double advantage of personal service and helping a small business.  I'd rather shop at an Alice Rae than a Victoria's Secret.

It was now approaching closing time and I still had to check in and locate Crossroads, where I had agreed to meet Andrea.

And after I left, I realised I did something really stupid.

Since I hadn't checked in yet, my pads and everything else were in the car.  I probably wouldn't try the dress over the pads and new bra (in the shop) but I could have tried on the bra and pads and seen how they fit and how it looked.  The store was mostly devoid of customers; it wouldn't have been a big deal since I hadn't hidden what I wanted at all.

Stupid stupid stupid.

Next trip, I'll stop by before I dress if after I dress it'll be too late, and I'll have my pads with me.


  1. Meg, to your:
    “[-] one padded panty, [-]. I have one, but it's kind of unsatisfactory and I'd like to try something else, maybe with hip pads as well as butt pads.”,
    I’d say:
    Same with me and for this I’ve been adding some padding into the hip space and this works quite in my favor.

    Besides that the weather is freezing cold right now over here and all padding is keeping me warm in right places ☺

  2. Just an FYI, Groupon has a deal for Alice Rae's up for purchase over the next few days. $15 for $30 worth of lingerie. I know I'm gonna nab that!

  3. Hi, Meg ... I use a padded hip and rear undergarment from Underworks that I like a lot. Like you, I have no hips, and in fact I constructed some extra pads to go under the originals. It seems to work well.

    The item is "Underworks Padded Rear and Hips Lift Brief" and you can get it from Amazon and a lot of other places.


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