Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mum's the Word

Meg (in my dreams)
When I get up in the morning, if I have nowhere to go, I change from my (women's) pajamas to my "knock around the house" clothes.  Usually, that's a flannel shirt and sweats.  I own several pairs of sweats; they'll all from the women's side of the store.

My current flannel shirt is a black-and-white gingham, similar to the one here.  I picked mine up on freecycle.

My wife pulled out a catalogue with the same shirt and said "look!  If I get this we can dress alike."

My college son was there, and he said "dad's wearing a girl's shirt."  I said nothing.

But if he took a little look he'd see that the buttons were on the wrong side, and there was a dart for a bust I didn't have (at least at the moment).

I guess critical observation is not a skill they teach at college.

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  1. People tend to see mostly what they want to see and what they are comfortable seeing. Your son sees you as his dad regardless of whether you were wearing a girl's top. He has a comfort level with his perception of his dad.

    What is more interesting is your wife's comment that if she got the same shirt you would be a matching set.

    There are parts of Pat's wardrobe that are similar in style to my wife's. A few weeks back I had on a knit top and skirt that she thought may have been hers. I had to point out the size and banding differences to convince her that my top was different than hers.

    I felt great that she complimented me on my sense of style. This happened again a few days later when I was wearing a black and white animal print faux wrap dress. She said that she could use something similar in her wardrobe.

    Comments like these make Pat feel special. I would suggest that Meg accept the same inference from your wife's comment about the catalog pick. I would go further to encourage her to match your style or you may even order the top in her size so you can be twins.

    Building a comfort level with our wives is a difficult and long drawn out process. If you have similar tastes in dress that is one additional spot of common ground.



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