Friday, February 24, 2012

Office Fun With Civilians

Tuesday was Mardi Gras.  One of the women in the office left beads on everyone's desk.  I dutifully put mine on.  About half of the office denizens did as well, more women than men.  One woman wore them as a bracelet.  Some people strung them in their office, or left them on the desk.

I still haven't finished describing my officemates ~ I'll get to that soon.  Brief introductions here, as it pertains to the story.

Y, our IT lady, was involved in her work and fairly frowny.  I got her to smile and even giggle a bit, joking mostly about the beads.  Then I told her "this is not the oddest thing by far I've done for Mardi Gras.  I'll try to find a picture for tomorrow."

I dug out the picture I showed here (reprinted in this post) and brought it in to work.

Y was suitably amused, but asked no other questions.  She identified me readily, and I told her I had that picture on my desk at a previous assignment for months (true) and no-one said a word about it.

I figured I wasn't done though.  I called out to the office Fashionista, K, as she walked past the office.  She loved the outfit (and the hat our hostess, right, was wearing).

And another M (if you recall from the "The Office" posts, my office is full of M's; this is one you haven't met yet) came by to chat and I showed her the picture.  She asked who the people were; I told her it was a local Democratic group at a Mardi Gras party.  She said "so you're not in the picture?"  I said "sure I am."  She pointed at the guy on the left and said "is that you?"  I said no, and pointed to my picture.  She looked confused and said "but she looks so pretty."  I said "thank you."

Later, she asked if I did my makeup and I told her no, I had someone do it for me.  I couldn't do that good a job!  (The truth: at the time I couldn't.)  I wasn't sure she'd accept the idea of a crossdresser in the office.  Y might.  K, no.  M is from Bangladesh, and I wasn't sure how I would play, culturally.

She also asked if I "do" my eyebrows and I said I did.  I told her when I get my haircut I have someone clean up my brows.

I think she's OK with the idea, but a bit confused.  I'll keep feeding on her confusion and try to feel her out.  I don't know if the office is ready for Meg, but there's one sure way to find out.

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  1. It seems as if you are slowly but surely probing the idea of civilian acceptance of Meg at the office and you are doing a good job.
    Please share what you mean by the being "one sure way to find out".


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