Sunday, September 25, 2011

Your Turn ~ Paula Gee

If readers want me to give them a little "floor space," I'll keep Sunday open for you.  Just write me or send a comment (put PRIVATE in the comment so I don't post it).

Last Sunday was Diane's turn.  This week it's Paula's.

And now the previously hidden story can be told.

Paula didn't answer requests for me to use her name, but she's become a bit more comfortable in the past few weeks and I can let y'all know that she was the inspiration for my dating poll. I called her "Z."  Her initial was changed to protect the innocent.

But she did write in response to my fishing for Your Turn stories.  I'm glad she did.  From here on, it's in her own words, slightly edited.

You were kind enough to use me to start your polls, the results made me feel a whole lot less confused, as with so many other aspects of dressing having it out in the open makes it all seem a lot less daunting and confusing.  

I have now set up a web identity just for Paula, and have joined Call Me Meg that way as well as with my drab name/persona.   Indeed I have now also gone so far as to start my own blog, inspired by Meg, Stana and a couple of others, just as somewhere to relate my adventures since I don't have anyone to talk to in person about these things, on any regular basis. My intentions are simply to muse in public, and tell a few stories of when I do manage to go out, definitely nothing of a sexual nature, so

  • No nudity or sexual material

  • No violence

  • No potentially offensive language

  • Material that might disturb young children

  • No chat facilities

  • As inspired by Davita

    I have a lot to learn and I know I will struggle with the discipline to make regular posts (I have another blog already) but hope that it will be fun to do and will put me in contact with more like minded folks.

    I am Paula's first follower.  I like her writing style, and, as you can see, she's a lovely lady.  She's one of my British readers, from London.  I've probably mentioned that I'm an Anglophile and I worked for BT (British Telecom) for many years. 
    Paula allowed me to put her e-mail address here.  To avoid her getting spammed, I won't.  But I will tell you you can write her at her account.  Her user name is paula.gee .
    Of course, you can click on a picture to enlarge it.  She sent me a third but I can't post that one!  Really, Paula!  I hardly know you!

    (Just kidding)

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    1. You had me worried for a moment, I thought I might have sent the "WRONG PHOTO" something I live in dread of, sending a business contact a photo of Paula showing some leg instead of a picture of a recycling bank.


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