Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Office, Part IV

I did a second week of OM and K watching.  K gets better; OM gets worse.  On the other hand, I enjoy logging what K wears.  Although last week was a short one, my observations are from the week before.

Day  K, The Style Queen  OM, The Predictable
Monrust tight bodice button-down shirt + brown tweed slacks + brown high heel booties black**
Tueviolet button-down shirt, knee-length grey tight pinstripe skirt, "reptile" grey heels turquoise**
Wedelectric blue tight bodice button down, short grey flared skirt (I WANT ONE), open-toe heels: black with gold trim tan
Thub&w print blouse, back crop jacket, cream slacks, matching "snakeskin" pattern open-toed heels light blue
Frilace camsisole under white shell under brown ruffled sweater, dark grey slacks, grey wedges salmon shirt and black slacks!

I think the ones I marked ** are the exact same dress on the exact same day as last week. Friday marks the first time I ever noticed her wearing something other than one of the Same Old Dresses.  I admit to paying more attention to K than OM, when I'm looking at style.

And since Pat asked: OM always wears hose. I *think* K always does, but sometimes they're so sheer I'd have to pay too close attention to be certain!

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