Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Arizona Not-So-Dull

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Thursday, I went to the shop next door.  I managed to get there while it was open this time.  I was a little apprehensive ~ it looked kind of, well, not the sort of shop I'd like to be found in.  Plus, my boss was heading into town and I didn't want to have to explain why I was in there (without a story).

There was an elderly black woman there.  I asked ~ she owns the place.  I told her I wanted to look at wigs, which was easy.  The store was all wigs.  Shelf after shelf of heads looking at me, all with different hair.  She asked what I was looking for; I told her (truthfully) I didn't know.  I hinted that it was for me; she ignored my hints.  When she asked what colour I wanted, I said "well, I'd say 'the colour my hair used to be, but that wouldn't help, would it.'"  That's when she asked if the wig was for me.  I said yes; it changed nothing with respect to the way she treated me.

I found a wig I liked and I asked her about it.  She went to look at the name and... well, I think I found the only wig in the shop that didn't have a tag.  She showed me a couple of others that she thought might be it.  One had thinner bangs.  I told her I liked heavier bangs to cover my brows, which I can't really disguise.  One that had similar bangs was much shorter and not what I was looking for.  While another customer was in the store, I went through my phone and found one of my Halloween Meg pictures and I showed her that I liked that colour.

Frankly, I'd love to find someone who'd give me some suggestions.  She did say she could cut the bangs for me if they were too long, and trim it if I wanted.

I wasn't ready to buy, because it was getting late and I was getting hungry.  I told her I'd be back in a few weeks, and I'd try to have more time and a wig that I like.  I said I'd also bring a cap so I can try on wigs that I like.

If my schedule holds, my next trip I'll be coming into Sierra Vista on Sunday as Meg.  Unfortunately, she's not open on Sunday.  I would love to go wig shopping as Meg!  So I may have to stiff her and perhaps buy a wig in Tucson the day before.  I'll see.  I'd consider buying two wigs, but my budget is limited and I have too many wigs.  I really do.  But I'm looking for the One Perfect Wig.


  1. Meg, If You get to LI again Karen of Femmefever has a make- up studio in her house & she has lots of new wigs for sale. I get mine from her.

  2. I am dying to get back to Long Island, sans family!

  3. We are very lucky in South London, we have the excelent Mary of Fosters, who is only too happy to spend time helping, advising, and trying different styles and colours. Putting up with a lot of hesitation, and still giving a decent price!
    Can't you get the "Company" to send you to London?

  4. Hi, Meg. I was just reading a transcript of Alexandra Petri's ComPost chat. Was that you? If so, cool!


  5. Guilty as charged. She actually posted four or five of my comments.


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