Friday, September 16, 2011

One of Us?

Take a look.  This picture was in the Washington Post.  There's a fence covered in "ribbons of remembrance" in Manhattan, near the former grounds of the World Trade Center.

I wish I had a better, larger picture.

It seems they're both women.  The one on the right is holding a bag, and the pants look like women's capris, not men's shorts.

But the woman on the left....

She's clearly overdressed for the day (and for her companion).  Her legs seem a little muscular, her arm a bit long (although, I admit, feminine), her hips a bit lacking.  And she has her hand on her companion's shoulder.  Watch a man and woman, or two women walking like that.  Hands almost always go around the waist, not the shoulder.

GG or TG, she looks good from here!  I love those shoes, and I'd be happy to wear a dress like hers!


  1. I Think TG & admirer. She is way over dressed & that looks like a wig. She is dressed very fashionably though.


  3. What a beautiful photo of both of them, whatever their gender.

  4. A lot of hair on the woman on the left ... it screams "wig."

  5. I hope she's one of us! If she is, then the photographer was either trying to put one over on his audience, or he thought they looked really good. Either way is good. He didn't go "ugh. Get out of the way so I can get some real people in the shot!"

  6. I think she is one of us, but what a nice photo, tender and unaffected.


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