Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Slight Miscalculation

I decided to put a picture with my account when commenting on Washington Post articles.  The picture is 50 by 50 pixels, which is pretty tiny.  I decided to use a rally photo.  I'm wearing sunglasses, to further hide my identity in case anyone who knows me sees it.  I commented on several articles.  Most people have a little "anonymous" picture so having an actual photo sort of stands out.

Many friends, coworkers, acquaintances, etc, here read The Post on-line, but I wouldn't expect them to recognise me.

A few of days later, it occurred to me that both my wife and my friend who was down from New York for the rally read The Post and probably will look at or comment on the same articles I would. 


I use that account from work.  I read The Post and comment on articles during lunch.  I thought about my error on Saturday, when the winds were blowing.  I didn't grab a picture that night though and I forgot about it during the weekend.  At work on Monday, I e-mailed myself a reminder to get a new picture.  Monday night, I selected a new picture, cropped it, squared it, and e-mailed it to myself.

At work Tuesday, the first thing I did was clean up my e-mail and delete the message with the picture.  In this account, when it's gone, it's gone.  Then I sent myself another reminder.  And carefully refrained from posting comments.  Now I'm OK.  I think.  Yes, I shouldn't post a picture at all.  I use the rally picture with my Daily Mail chat account, but I doubt anyone I know in the states reads The Mail.

It was unintentional.  Honest.

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  1. The FIRST thing you need to do.. get a thumb drive upload stuff that is extra, very, personal.. for the next time. (come on a computer person like you KNOWS better) secondly, take time to think where the internet connections are going if you had left a link to your blog.. and wifey followed it... it could had been fireworks! the fact that fellow employee found out and Knows is minor you can lie or act like "I upload the wrong photo" NOT SO if wife sees item!! I think I concern myself with the possible of being "found out" more with my son (the one in school) other kids or bullys, could be a problem for him. taking to him helping him understand you, and how if it come, how to handle any problem he incounters would be my priority.


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