Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween 2008: The Windup

My original goal was to dress up for work at my new company.

When Halloween was still a couple of months away, I was thinking, if they're doing anything with dressing up, I'm doing "office girl drag", wearing a skirt suit. I planned the whole thing out ~ I went to a several local spa-type places to see if I could get a place to change and have someone do my makeup. I found one that didn't open until noon (too late ~ by the time I got back to the office it would be 1.30 or 2) and another that sounded real good. $45 for makeup and they do "eyebrow threading" so I could get that fixed up a bit AND they open at 9 AND they were pretty close to the office. But when I tried to talk to the makeup woman she acted interested but made herself scarce. She disappeared when I called and wouldn't call back. So I wrote her off and figured I still had an option. I could go to the mall, bring a bag into the family restroom and change and do my make-up there.  This is something I hadn't done before.

As it got closer to Halloween, it looked like there was going to be nothing going on here. A few months after Halloween, they announced an "employee morale" kind of group, doing contests and cakes and things. I bet if that was in place in Sept they'd have had a costume contest or something I could have taken advantage of!

Before Halloween, I mentioned to C, who was still looking for work, that I'd like to dress up that day. When I started talking about trying to find a place to do my makeup and change, C decided she wanted "in." I could come to her place, change there and we could go out and maybe shop for a while before I changed back and returned to work. I was between projects and the office wouldn't care if I took a four-or-more hour break.

So my plan was to go to work, then leave around 9. I'd head over to C's house, get changed and made-up and we'd go to a mall for an hour or so then I'd either head back to her house to change back (sigh) or I'd head for the family restroom at the mall and change there.

I called to remind her I'm heading over but when I got there she had just gotten up and needed to shower, which was OK -- I needed time to change anyway.  I changed quickly.


  1. Tune in tomorrow...same time...same station...for the continuing saga of CD 2008.

  2. So today's The "windup" tomorrow's the "pitch". Let's see asking for donations to The (non profit)"MEGCO" for a mobile change room trailer. For those special emergency's. Where do we send the money to?
    Karen:)(Really enjoy reading--love this Blog)


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