Sunday, September 18, 2011

Your Turn

A few days ago, Dianegirl44 wrote in a comment that she spent the day shopping and had a great time.  I commented back "send me a picture and I'll post it."  Well she did, and here she is, and she looks great.  There's more about Diane a little further down this post.

Now, I'd like to open that invitation to my readers.

I won't have a "the femulated" widget like Stana does, but I'd like to learn more about you, and I'd like to offer some space to girls who maybe have a flickr page as their only outlet, or an occasional blog, or just have something to say.  I have a few e-mails and private comments that will be (guest) posts when I have the time.

I'd like more.  If you have a blog, send me a link and a little summary.  If I get enough, I'll aggregate them into a post.  If you want to send me a picture (and permission to post), I'll share you with my other six readers.

Send me an e-mail or add a comment with the word TO POST in it and I won't post it as a comment.  I'll promote you to post.  It may take a while (as I said, I have a guest post file right now), but you'll get on the blog.  If you wish, create a throwaway e-mail account so you remain anonymous.

Anyway, after that long lead-in, here's Diane.  We wanted to hook up (for coffee!) when I was passing through Long Island about a month ago.  Everything went wrong and it didn't happen.  She sent a mini-bio, and I hope she's not insulted when I say she sounds like she pretty typically:

I've been dressing since I was 3 yrs old - I wore moms full slips and seamed nylons and heels. I'm married, and I have an understanding wife.  My grown daughter doesn't know about Diane.  I'm a member of Femmefever club on Long Island. I am a shopping girl, with a large femme wardrobe.

Yay! to the understanding wife!  Everybody needs one!

Dianegirl44 has a yahoo address, if you'd like to say hi.  I'd love to know more about FemmeFever and where she shops....  Smithhaven?  Roosevelt Field?  Sun-Vet? (I used to live near that little mall).

Your turn.

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