Thursday, September 8, 2011

Toenail Recall

I know, I've had better titles.  The poll is still open and I'm intrigued.  Look here if you want a bit of background and please vote.

Like Stana, I'm having a toe problem.  Unlike Stana, I need to have a little procedure done to solve mine. 

That's today.  I leave work a bit early and I'll have part of the ingrowing big toenail on my right foot removed.

Mostly, it doesn't cause me any problems, although sometimes it feels like the nail is a knife, slowly cutting into my toe.  But it causes dress-up problems, and that's important.

When in drab, I wear a mix of boy and girl shoes.  I have two pairs of New Balance I wear almost all the time: gray men's shoes, black women's ones.  My dress shoes are from Aerosoles.  I have girls' sandals, although they're irrelevant here.  Huh.  I guess I have a few pairs of girl shoes and one boy.  I should get rid of those, just for consistency.

And, of course, I have Way Too Many pairs of pumps, boots, etc.

One commonality among the shoes, men's vs women's, is women's shoes are flatter.  I'm not sure what the cobbler's technical name for this is.  The part above the toes on women's shoes is lower than the part above the toes on men's shoes.  This means they press down on that ingrowing toenail more.

This translates into me walking funny after not-too-long in some of my favourite shoes.

I'm hoping this will solve the problem for at least a number of years and I'll be ready for my next trip out (October, in Arizona).  Meantime, I may be working from home tomorrow.

Or I may be wearing my girl sandals to the office.


  1. From one toe-in-pain owner to another, I hope your toe mends quickly!

  2. Not fast enough. I'll be on the road next week, without Meg


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