Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Honour of the End of DADT

For the record, I played with my sister when she played with her Barbies.  Not often enough though.

I wonder what Kevin is padding GI Joe with.

(Update: Sorry, Paula, and my readers from outside the states: DADT is Don't Ask Don't Tell, the idiotic policy that gays could serve in the military as long as they don't admit they're gay.  And no-one was allowed to ask.  So the official policy for the last 10+ years was "lie, and stay in the closet.")


  1. This cartoon reminds me of a hiliarious incident about 10 years ago involving a group that called themselves the "Barbie Liberation Front". As a protest against the ridiculously outdated gender roles presented in boys' and girls' dolls, they bought up a bunch of Barbie and GI Joe talking dolls from a toy store and swapped out the voice boxes (which had identical designs since they came from the same doll company). Then they went back into the stores and put the dolls back on the shelves in their original boxes.

    The result was that a few dozen people went home with Barbies that snarled "Let's kill 'em all!" and GI Joes that trilled "Math is hard. Let's go shopping!"

    The store offered to refund the price of the dolls, but not surprisingly people wanted to keep them and since there were so few altered in this way they became valuable collector's items.


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