Thursday, September 22, 2011

Still Crazy After All These Years

Sorry.  A bit of politics is necessary here.  Please bear with me.

I sent this to my friend P in New York, the one who came to the rally (here and follow-up posts for the next week or so) with me, and met Meg:

A woman came up to Michelle Bachmann after the debate and said "after my daughter received the HPV vaccine she became mentally retarded.  You tell people about that!"  And Michelle said "I can't tell people that, mom!"

For those who are not paying attention to the Republican primary (ie, normal people, not political junkies like me), Michelle Bachmann actually made that claim, in an effort to make Rick Perry look bad.  Rick Perry required girls in Texas to get HPV vaccine, which is proven to lower cervical cancer rates.  I say he did it because it was by executive order, which makes it his law.

I also sent it to Alexandra Petri's chat.  She does a blog called "ComPost" for the Washington Post.  It's humour/politics/pop culture oriented, and can be fun.  I often get a hat trick (three or more comments) posted in her chat.

One of my anonymous readers, Stef, commented yesterday, asking if I was the person she saw commenting on the ComPost chat.  She was referring to:

Last year, I went to the John Stewart rally as Christine O'Donnell. Blue skirt suit, wig and makeup like hers and I had name tags that said things like "HI! I'm not a witch" and "HI! I'm you". I knew all of her stupid lines and would spout them on demand.

Did I mention that I'm a guy?

(Petri had mentioned Michelle Bachmann as a Halloween costume, which is what prompted me to write.)

Petri responded, "No, you didn't, and I didn't ask...."

P said he was going to give my crack wider circulation.  I started writing an e-mail to tell him that it was in the WaPo as part of Petri's chat.  Then I stopped and deleted the e-mail.

If he looked up the chat, he'd probably find the other post that I wrote.  I didn't want him to do that.  He has a habit of sending stuff out to everyone he knows.  I didn't want him to mention "by the way, my friend **** also wrote the post about the Halloween costume."  I'm still uncomfortable with the Two Sides of Meg getting intermingled.

Sometimes, I don't care.  And it gets to be more and more of the time that I don't care.  But I keep hearing this little voice saying "unintended consequences" in the back of my head and sometimes I heed it.

And sometimes, I'm an idiot.  After thinking about it all day, I resurrected the e-mail and sent it.


  1. I know just what you mean, sometimes I woudl just like to not worry about who knows what about Paula, but then I think what if ot got back to members of my family who would/do care who knows.

    It is my care for them that keeps Paula semi closseted, but I do find I am getting more daring


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