Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Progress at ThinkProgress

Back in August, I wrote about exchanging e-mails with Zach Ford.  He seems to be the key person writing about LGBT issues for Think Progress, a progressive website.  Zach's posts are here.  You can go directly to articles tagged as transgender here, and the general LGBT page is here.

The reason I wrote Zach is because I looked through the LGBT page and found virtually no T content.  That didn't bother me.  I understand that, for a number of reasons, there will be more LGB content than T content.  Maybe that will change.  Maybe Chaz Bono will tip the scale a bit.

My problem was raised expectations.  Either pull the T or put the fact that there's T content up front.   I hate to read an article about, say, "LGBT people are happier when they're out" and discover it's all about sexual orientation only.  Gender identity and sexual orientation are both lumped together, when they shouldn't be.  But we can use each other, in a good way ~ a symbiotic relationship.

I like to think I made a difference.  I'll take credit anyway.

I've been checking out the LGBT page pretty much daily and I'm quite pleased with what I've been seeing lately.  There are headlines that clearly mention Transgender, or clearly involve sexual orientation and gender identity.

Please go to Think Progress.  Check out the LGBT page, or the Transgender articles, or Zach's well-written articles.  If I was a smart girl, I'd quietly borrow ideas and articles and repost them here.  But Zach and Think Progress deserve the attention and readership.

Drop by and tell them what you think.  It was hard to find Zach's e-mail address so I'm not going to repost it here.

Thank you Think Progress, for thinking about us.

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