Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Potomac Mills Mall

I rarely go to Potomac Mills Mall. It is huge.  Buses of shoppers from around the area come in every day.  It's one of the biggest tourist attractions in Virginia (if not the biggest).  It can be seen from space and covers two time zones.  I may have made that last bit up.

Their website says they have "family restrooms throughout the mall."

I have no doubt that I'll find everything I need here: family restrooms, a choice of places to have my nails done, shops or department stores if I want someone else to do my makeup, lots of places to shop.

Maybe I'll finally sit down to eat somewhere ~ that's on my "someday" list.

It also has ten thousand more eyes than a smaller mall.

If one percent of the people around me notice me (probably realistic) and if one percent of the people who notice me read me (not at all realistic, but bear with me!), then if I'm in a mall with 500 people ~ a lot for a small mall at midday ~ the odds are with me.  If I'm in Potomac Mills with 10,000 people, which is possible, I'll definitely be noticed and read.

So although Potomac Mills is my most likely stop, it's maybe not on the top of my list.

Oh... I did say have "someone else do my makeup."  I'm considering it.  The minuses:

* I have to approach a stranger and say "here's who I am, here's what I want."
* I don't know anything about her ~ how good, bad she is, how transphobic she is.
* I'm pre-read.  She can phone her friends in the mall and say "look for a girl wearing ____.  She's a guy.

The pluses:

* I don't have to park myself in a restroom for 30 or 45 minutes.  The last time, someone pounded on the door.  I'm certain there are cameras and they were wondering why a guy with a suitcase went into a family restroom and didn't come out for a long time.  I don't think I'm being paranoid.  I acknowledged the knock, said I'd be out in a few minutes and that was that.  Answering was mandatory ~ if they thought I was incapacitated they'd open the door.  I do believe if security came in while I was putting on makeup, well, they have no right if they have no reason to believe I'm doing something illegal and changing clothing is certainly not illegal.  But it would be embarrassing and I'm not sure how I should react yet.  I need to figure out how I'd like that scenario to play.
* Having your makeup done by a nice-looking young lady is extremely pleasant.

Based on time, I might search out places in my final choice mall that are likely to do makeovers.  I'll see where they are with respect to family restrooms.  I'll then approach someone who does the makeovers, explain what I want and tell them I'll be back within fifteen minutes.

Then I'll go to the family restroom.  Quickly remove my shoes, socks, pants, shirt and put them in the extra bag I brought along with me.  Put in contacts, if I didn't do that before I left home.  Put on bra, put in forms.  Put on slip and dress or skirt and top.  Comb out wig and put it on.  Put on earrings, bracelet, rings, and necklace.  Depending on how far it is back to the shop, I may put on lipstick.  I do need makeup to pass.  That is a fact.  But in a pinch, I am comfortable with sunglasses and lipstick.  Pack everything away.

Fifteen minutes.  If I have someone else do my makeup.  I think I'm more passable when I do it myself, to be honest.  Makeup ladies have a lighter touch.  I need coverage!

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  1. Another potential plus, you might make some nice looking young lady makeup artist proud of her work. We can then add to "She can phone her friends in the mall and say "look for a girl wearing ____. She's a guy."
    by inserting "and I did her/his makeup... didn't I do a wonderful job!?"

    Whatever you end up doing, I hope you are safe and comfortable so you enjoy it! Looking forward to a full report.



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