Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No No No No No!

(I still have to finish my Richmond trip, and I'm heading into my next opportunity, Colorado next week, but I'm still feeling lousy and I wrote this a couple of days ago...)

After I returned from Richmond, I had a free hour so I decided to organise my drawers.  I have mostly finished rating my panties and I have a drawer dedicated to them.  I don't need quite so many, so I started locating my "A's" and put about a dozen of them in that drawer.  The rest went into a bag.  I also have a sock drawer that has more socks than I need; you saw the pictures.  I grabbed a couple of pair of plain black socks and about a dozen more with flowers and other patterns on them.  The rest went into the bag as well.

Then there's the drawer of "whites."  White (or mostly white) socks, camisoles that pass for undershirts, and panties that look like regular male undies.  This was another full drawer.  I pulled out five pair of patterned white socks and two or three pair of plain white socks.  I kept a half-dozen plain white cotton panties.  I also pulled out a few of the camisoles.  Everything else went into the bag.

The bag went into the closet as backup for when something gets worn or torn.

While sorting through the whites I found something that I thought was already banished from the house: male underwear.

No no no no no!

They went into another bag with a couple of pairs of panties that had earned the "F" rating and that bag went into the trash.

I feel better now ~ a little more pure.

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  1. My wife is always after me to get rid of some of my girl clothes. It is not easy to cull out the discards. When I start thinking about the article I find some justification for hanging onto it. Although some stuff does wear out most of the girl clothes are, at best, slightly used.

    I do like your concept of separate save and trash bags.



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