Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Quick One, While She's Away

I normally look at other drivers when I'm driving.  While on my way to Richmond, I did so as well.

No-one was looking at me.

So I had an uneventful drive down 95 towards Spotsylvania mall.  As I approached the exit, I looked in my mirror.

There was a police car right behind me.

I was being a good girl, but you never know why you'll get stopped, do you.

I was in the right lane because my exit was only about a mile away.

I was being a good girl.

I signaled on to the exit lane.  He followed.

The exit ramp merged with a main road.  There was a shopping center on the right with a Marshalls and assorted other stores there.  The mall was about a half-mile down on the left.  For no particular reason, I moved into the right lane.

The police car zooooomed past on the left.  I moved over to the far left and entered the mall, parking in front of a Belk's department store.

I guess I was being a good girl after all.


  1. That sort of "scare" is what makes me drive at the speed limit, always use turn signals, and obey every traffic sign when driving with anything femme on my person.

  2. A while ago I was stopped by the Police - a bulb had blown - it was on a busy urban street, and I was dressed, err inappropriately in animal print tights and Daisy Duke's, so when I was asked to step out of the car and join the officer on the footpath I was quaking in my boots (black leather knee high with a three inch stilletto) The officer I was talking to was very polite explained the problem, asked me to fix it and went on his way, I may have had a few looks from by passers, but then anyone pulled over by the police would.

    I have often wondered, if I had been dressed more appropriately would I have been breath tested? after all being on my way home from the pub I was quite possibly over the limit, I think he was too embarrassed to check. The golden rule of motoring, only break one law at a time!


  3. I think being stopped by a police officer while driving en femme is one of my worst fears. Although most stories of the stories I've read have happy endings (the police officer was polite and professional, especially if the stop happened in an urban area), you never know. I've had the experience you described more than once but have never been stopped.

    By the way, I loved the Who reference in your post title.

  4. It is always an un-nerving experience to see a police car in your rear view mirror. No one wants to be stopped regardless of how you are dressed.

    On one of the rare occasions that I was able to get out while dressed I was stopped after leaving a bar. I had only had a glass or two of wine but the last thing I wanted was to be made to 'walk the line' in my heels. Actually the real last thing that I wanted was to be taken to the police station and arrested. I am sure that the bright flourescent lights would have been less than complimentary to my appearance. The thought of a mug shot wearing full makeup but stripped of my wig was another less than pleasant thought that went through my mind.

    As it was I was ticketed for driving 41 in a 30. It is embarassing to my guy side to get a ticket for driving only 41 MPH.

    I immediately paid the ticket but I made a slight error and overpaid the fine by $2. My wife was home when the mail came from the minicipal court with my $2 refund and I had some explaining to do.


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