Monday, March 14, 2011

I Should Have Left Saturday

I'm trying to keep my fingernails as long as they want to be. Unfortunately, after they reach a not-very-long length, they start breaking. Sunday was the day. Several times I had to reach for the clipper and try to clip off just enough so that the nail isn't going to snag on my hose. I know my nails will only be as long as my shortest one, after the manicure which I plan to get later today. I'm trying to figure out how to get the manicurist to take my picture when I won't be able to reach into my purse and get out my camera. I may ask if I can return in a half-hour so she can take my picture.

Yesterday, my wife mentioned that I need to be careful that my car doesn't break down because "no-one would stop to help you ~ they'd be afraid to."  I said "don't you think I looked pretty good on Halloween?"  She shook her head and said "no.  Not really."

She started today very confrontational, demanding that we go out to eat after the doctor.  I may or may not.  I have a schedule to keep.

She also managed to cost me an extra hour of sleep today.  That's nothing coffee can't cure.

Leaving to take my wife to the doctor NOW.


  1. I'm not trying to splash cold water on your fun, really, I'm not.

    But, do you see where this is going with your wife?

    Take it from one who's seen this many times: start thinking really carefully of what's going on.

    Did your wife tell you "looked good" at Halloween? If so, was she being honest, then?

    Why would she change her opinion, now?

    Consider the possibility that part of it may be that she's a little hurt and jealous: much of the attention you used to give her, is now being devoted to "The Other Woman," Meg.

    She is also being left-out of something, that she sees as obviously being hugely important to you.

    She's also probably starting to get concerned about where this is going.

    I know you need to do these things; every t-girl does at some point, B U T give some thought to where this is going.

    You may in fact look better than your wife will admit. She is probably far more aware of how men are going to see you than you may be at this stage.

    Not that they may "actually" be an issue for you (I don't now your sexuality - only you do), but believe you me, when you start doing these sorts of things, stuff can't start happening that you never expected.

    I don't know enough about you (I admit I haven't read enough of your blog) but it looks to me that your being a t-girl has reached the point where it is becoming a bone of contention in your marriage.

    I'll be honest with you: these things that are exciting you so much now, like driving enfemme, and checking in enfemme, may seem glorious at the moment, but like any experience, the excitement fades dramatically over time.

    Really, really consider what you are beginning to put at risk, just for the very fleeting and transitory pleasures that you are getting out of these things.

  2. Meg, you have a wife who is far more accepting of your cross-dressing than most. If I were you, I wouldn't antagonize her about this. Is the "adventure" of driving to the job as Meg really worth it?

  3. Meg,
    It has been nice to follow the pre-launch developments. We are all hoping that the day goes smoothly and you accomplish your goals.

    I am not a shrink and know very little about psychology but it would seem that your wife is following a 'passive/aggressive' tactic of 'Meg' control.

    It would appear that she knows that getting dressed and getting out and about while dressed is important to you but it also seems that she has a pile of fears that she would just as soon not have to deal with regarding your dressing.

    Most of the time you relate to her while dressed as a guy so she can keep the CD issue out of sight, if not out of mind.
    A major concern of hers is the impact that your dressing may have on her life. You and I know that the desk clerk at the hotel will not care at all that the person checking in looks like a woman and has a registration in a man's name. Your wife, on the other hand, concocts fears that the desk clerk will take your name and address and start blackmailing you, or, failing that, providing your name, address and femme photos to your employer and to most major news outlets. These are irrational fears but they may be real to her. On the other hand the 'desk clerk issue may just be a handy issue for her to throw in Meg's path.

    Good luck


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