Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Day Before Richmond

As I mentioned earlier, my wife took the boys on a field trip.  This is always at least three hours; usually, it's five or more.  I took advantage of that time and put the shirts and pants that I'd need for work in a suitcase.  I added enough panties and socks for the trip, along with a pair of shoes I would not wear before hitting the road.

I put aside everything I'd need to get ready, including makeup, wig, jewelry, hose, pads, purse, blah blah blah, into a separate bag so I could change efficiently the next morning.  That went into the closet.  I put additional makeup and everything I wouldn't need in the suitcase.

I got my tripod and camera, so I could take steady pictures both before I left and during the trip.  Into the closet.

I took advantage of the additional time to go over every stray hair with my shaver.  I went a bit higher on my arms and legs than I had so far.  I went a bit lower on my chest than I had so far.

I was ready.

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