Monday, March 21, 2011

Under Construction

I'm sure I have a week of posts sitting in my brain, but my muse is tired and they're just squatting there.  I hope to have some quiet time this evening to at least outline the week, if not to start writing.

I was thinking that I didn't break new ground this trip, but I did: I dressed at home and said goodbye to my wife (as Meg) when I left on my trip.

Her only comment was "you should have worn black stockings with that."  My only comment was "black stockings says 'guy' more than shaved legs does."  I didn't say "if you would have helped me get dressed, I would have worn something more appropriate."  I'm still unsure if that would have been the right thing to say, and I've had a week to think about it.

I took this picture at the hotel ~ I finally had a chance to kick off my shoes.  It's funny: after a day in heels, including a couple of hours walking, it feels strange to not have the heels on.


  1. Your wife is wrong--the nude hose are definitely the right look. How did things go on your return? Did she seem to accept the idea of Meg going out this way? Did you return as Meg?

  2. Saying goodbye to your wife as Meg is no small first. You look great! And welcome back, we were getting worried.

  3. Dear Meg,

    you may not be aware but someone like me who reads your daily posting, gets really upset and worried after an interruption of some days! So glad to see you’re still around, both feet on the ground.

  4. I agree with Corinna, I worried about dire consequences I hoped :) that you where having too much fun to blog but I still naturelly worried.


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