Saturday, March 26, 2011

Working Through the Weekend

I mean, no cartoon break this weekend.  I have to catch up before my next trip, which will be to Colorado Springs, CO.  The tentative date is 4 April.

So back to Spotsylvania....

The mall has the usual mix of shops that you find in every mall.  It has a Sears, JC Penneys, Macy's, and Belk department stores.  I knew I'm not going to find a makeover at the first two, but I wanted to get through my shopping list, go back to the Deb Shop and look at shoes, and the order didn't really matter now.  My number one priority, my nails, was done.

I walked into Macy's, glanced at some dresses and headed for Intimate Apparel.  The nightgowns were either short and sexy or hideous old lady gowns and pjs.  I didn't want to just buy hose, and, of course, there were no pants liners.  If it wasn't for Vanity Fair, there wouldn't even be slips in the department stores anymore.  The cosmetics department was mostly vacant and I didn't see anyone I felt like approaching so I moved on.

I also struck out at Sears and Penneys.  I decided Belk was my last chance at a makeover so I took a last walk around the mall.

I didn't think I'd be comfortable for the next two hours or so before I got to my hotel so I headed towards the restrooms, resigned to using the ladies' if necessary.  There was a wide-open door beckoning me to the family restroom and so the mysteries of the ladies' room remain, well, a mystery.  I used the family one, as I have in the past.

I skipped New York and Company, and Express, and Hot Topic and Coldwater Creek and American Eagle and all the stores that are the same in every mall in every town.

I did go to a store called The Shoe Dept.  It had a huge front window and a very inviting selection of shoes luring me in.  I tried on a couple of pair but I didn't see anything I was in love with (like, this was in my size, but it just isn't me).  They had several pairs I coveted (like this and this), but they did not come in my size.  Payless was equally bleak.

I walked through Victoria's Secret, browsing and thinking, if anyone asked if she could help me, I'd say I was looking for a bra but wasn't sure about size and see if I could get a fitting.  But I was a bit nervous about that and decided, if no-one approached me I was not going to approach someone there.

No-one did.

I walked to the opposite end of the mall to the Deb shop.  The shoes were wonderful.  Some were in 11, but none in a style I wanted.  I tried on a few pair but didn't find anything I really liked.

I walked back to Belk and was similarly disappointed by the selection in Intimate Apparel.  I headed to the makeup counter and only saw a couple of people there.  One older woman asked if she could help me.  I didn't think her makeup was in my style, and I wasn't sure what she could do, but I said "yes.  I'd like to know if someone could maybe redo my eyes."  She said "I think H is available" and she beckoned over a pretty college-age woman with blonde hair tied back and the ubiquitous black dress and white coat.  She led me to the Clinique counter.

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  1. I've looked at those Qupid pumps--and a similar pair in zebra print--at the local Shoe Dept. myself. Still not sure about getting them. My local outlet also had some gorgeous Jessica Simpson patent pumps that I'm contemplating if they have my size!

    Have you tried ordering from Payless on line? They'll deliver to your local store for free and the selection is usually better--in both styles and sizes--than in the store.


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