Saturday, March 5, 2011

Heading for the Home Stretch

I wanted to finish my outfit selection sequence so I'll be recapping last week's events for the next few days.  To make sure I don't miss anything, I'll skip the weekend funnies.  Since I'll be travelling a week from Monday, I may skip next weekend as well.

Wednesday, I realised that between work, clients, wife, and kids, I was running out of time.  As I mentioned, I do have some extra time because my wife is basically living on one level ~ and it's not the one Meg lives on.

The boys had an after-school event that kept them out until around 730.  I got home around 6, and my wife had company so I disappeared upstairs.  On the way home I had stopped and picked up pads for the back of my new pumps, so they fit better and do not slide (I hope).  I didn't clomp around ~ not with company downstairs!  Besides, the instructions said to wait before wearing the shoes.

I started moving my stash around, and (don't be surprised) making lists.

By the time her friend left, I had three bags, corresponding to three lists.

Bring into the mall: wig, wig brush, makeup (I double-checked and realised I had no eye shadow.  That's been rectified), bra, slip, jewelry, makeup remover  and q-tips (in case), sunglasses, purse.  Not yet in the bag: shoes, outfit, forms, moisturiser.  Still unknown: what the bag will be.  Everything's in a plastic bag right now.  I may get a department store bag, or maybe a backpack.  I don't want to use a suitcase.  A computer case is too small and subject to being grabbed, if someone thinks it's a computer.

Bring to the hotel: nighties, other outfits, contact solution, contact case, glasses, some other makeup.  I haven't put any other jewelry in there ~ the items I bought are black, to go with the mostly black-and-white I'm wearing.  Maybe I'll grab something in silver in case I go with the greys.  This will all go in a suitcase with my regular clothes.

Wear: panties, hose, band-aids on my toes, contacts (which I rarely ware when I'm not Meg), and a cinch.  This will be mildly tricky ~ I will go to work in the morning and with my wife to the doctor before heading to Richmond.  I may put it on after I bring my wife home and before I leave ~ but that wouldn't be as much fun, would it?

I called my favourite nail place.  In the past, I've had V wax my brows (I like her work) and give me a manicure.  I wanted a pedicure and brow wax Thursday.

Sadly, V is on holiday until the end of the month.  I have strongly hinted to V that this is a hobby, not just a Halloween thing.  I don't know if she believes me.  I was considering nail colour with my pedicure.  I made an appointment with someone I don't know.  I don't like putting my eyebrows in unknown hands.  The women at the Haircuttery who did them, did not do a good job.  V, I think, did.  A bad brow job will put the whole outing in jeopardy.  And I wanted to shave my feet/legs before the pedicure!  Also, I strongly considered getting my nails coloured.  I'm not sure if I will, with a new person.  I also may or may not share "Christine" pictures with her.

But I'm running out of time.  I may or may not get my haircut after the wax; it depends on the time and if my haircut lady is in.  I like her and I'm not fussy about haircuts.  And she'll wax my neck too.

Here's the run-up to the trip:
Wednesday: start shaving some bits, and do some and retouch each night.  It's just easier that way
Thursday: waxing: brows, maybe neck and haircut.  I have a customer after that.
Friday: half-day at work; I have to take my wife to a doctor's appointment
Saturday: I'll be at the TSA all day.  Is anyone familiar with the TSA?  Not the one at the airports!
Sunday: home stuff
Monday: haircut, if I didn't have a chance Thursday.
Tuesday: at work, a guy from our British office is coming over to work with me.
Wednesday: at work, I'll be in training all day with the UK guy.
Thursday: concert at night.  The coolest thing: the performer is a client.
Friday: nothing special yet
Saturday: all-day 4H event.
Sunday: home stuff
Monday: work for a few hours, get my computer and gear packed, go home.  Take wife to doctor who will hopefully say she can drive and will be 100% in minutes so I can go from there to Richmond.

I know some of that has already happened, and I know what hapened now but I'm writing this last Wednesday evening.  My goal is to finish each day with a recap and catch up to real time in a few days.  So when you're reading this, I know how my eyebrows turned out, but when I'm writing this, I don't.  Yes, I'm confused too.

So... what should I wear?

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