Thursday, March 3, 2011

Going Visual ~ Part III

Here are the two tops I'm planning on bringing.  I like the casual feel of the coloured print cotton top.  The black-and-white print is prettier, I think, and it's a silkier material (but it's just polyester with a hint of spandex).

The more I look at the tops the more I think I was wrong ~ I now think either would go well with a grey skirt, and I have three I like a lot.  So now I have to see if I can get a few minutes to pull out and try on the grey skirts.  Normally, I need to ensure everyone is away to do that.  For the next few days, I just have to make sure the boys are away ~ my wife (who is home and recovering wonderfully fast) can't climb stairs easily and will stay downstairs while I try on (and perhaps photograph) the grey skirts.

I think I'll be happy with what I have chosen, but I'm not sure what I'll change into on the way, or wear home.  I know it won't happen this way but....

Monday: change on the way to Richmond.  Go out that evening.
Tuesday: go out after work.
Wednesday: go out after work.
Thursday: go out after work.
Friday: drive home dressed.

It might turn into:
Monday: change on the way to Richmond.  Go out that evening, if the neighborhood is safe.  The places I go are often in bad neighborhoods.
Tuesday, Wednesday: work until way too late
Thursday: finish late but go home anyway, too tired to change and besides I've already given up my room.

We will all see together!

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  1. I like your selection of outfits. You can definately do a bit of mixing and matching.
    One of the benefits of driving to a business event is that you are not limited on how much stuff you can take. If in doubt just throw it into the trunk of the car and deal with picking outfits when you get there.
    Good luck and enjoy and keep us posted.


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