Monday, March 16, 2015

The World Keeps Changing

Sometimes, I post links to articles that might be of interest to my readers.

Some were positive stories: successes in swaying laws our ways or individual stories of acceptance, or milestones for the community.

Some were not: new laws that would have made sense in the middle ages, setbacks to the community through loud obnoxious objectors, assault or murder, or ways we can still be discriminated against.

I haven't been doing that lately.

It's not that there haven't been many stories about the t-community.  There have been a LOT.  And although PT Barnum is reputed to have said "there's no such thing as bad publicity" I'm not so sure.

When a school cancels the cross-dressing day during spirit week because the parents complain, is that good?

When someone is arrested committing a crime while cross-dressed, is that good?

It's helpful to be "out there" when a huge majority of American say they don't know any crossdressers and the media report that as if it's true.  Do they also think that the large increase in people who say they know a gay individual is because suddenly there are more gays?  No, it's because almost all of the people who say they didn't know any were... wrong.

Some major newspapers have someone on staff who covers LGBT issues now.  And I've written to some, to complain that they're really writing about LG and that's it.  Sometimes, they write back and say "there just aren't enough issues to cover."  And mostly, now there are.  And I write back and thank them.

So unless something spectacular happens, I don't think I'll be linking to articles.  And I'm waiting for the day when there are few articles on the whole LGBT community because the first T Senator or first G astronaut are not news.

We're just people, aren't we?  I mean, we're spectacular, wise, talented, and all-around exceptional, but we're just people.  I want us to be treated as such.

Oh... probably no post tomorrow.  Unless I find an article I want to bring to your attention. :)

Enjoy St Patrick's Day.  I'm at a new office so I can tell my collection of Irish jokes to a new audience.


  1. My favorite Irish joke plays on all the stereotypes of Paddy as stupid building labourer, "Paddy goes for a job on the building site, the foreman says "This is a Hi Tech site, we need intelligent educated labourers, what's the difference between a joist and a girder?" Paddy replies (in a thick Cork accent) "Oh that's easy, Joyce wrote Ulysses Goethe wrote Faust"

  2. A Fringe show was in the Goethe Institut in DC. Charity kept calling it Go-thuh and ignored me when I said it was Ger-tih. We walked into the gift shop and I said "we're having an argument about how you pronounce "Ger-tih" and she said "the way you said."


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