Friday, March 6, 2015

Not Sure Yet

It snowed once again in the northern Virginia area.  I don't consider it that urgent to be at my desk so I did a work from home day.  I can do most anything from my house, once I get on the work network.

At the office, I'll call this a "clothes optional" day but that's not how I'm comfortable.  I left on my nightgown (and robe; it was chilly in the apartment) until lunchtime.  I actually put the robe on right before our daily 10am call; I told Charity I needed the robe because "it was a video call" (no it wasn't) ~ and I can't go into work tomorrow and say "I put a robe over my nighie at 10 yesterday and told my wife I needed it because it was a 'video call.'."  Another don't ask/can't tell.

After lunch I decided to put on the teal dress that didn't fit quite right on Valentine's Day.  I tried it with my new slightly smaller forms and the only 38B bra I had in the house.

I'm not sure if I like the look.  I think it's OK, but I'm not 100% sure.  I do know that underwire bra was not the most comfortable one in my collection.

I may have to go shopping: full coverage, no wire, 38B.  I bought a Bali one, in 38C, at the beach last summer.  Too bad there's no Bali outlets nearby.  I think they're my favourites.


  1. Meg,
    Depends on what you consider "nearby". There is a Hanes Bali store in Potomac Mills in Woodbridge and one in the outlet mall in Leesburg.
    I have found the prices cheaper, and the styles easier to sort, from the Hanes-jBali site on line. But at the store you can probably do a try on.

  2. I think one of the things that convinced me that I am a woman was when I started selecting bras for comfort rather than just style. That having been said, life is to short for ugly undrwear

  3. Teal is a good color for many and I would think it would be a good color for you. In my wardrobe I have a number of dresses and outfits that 'just do not fit right' that would never be worn out but do me just fine for wearing around the house.


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