Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Funnies: Lila

John Forgetta's The Meaning of Lila is always fun, probably because it always straddles the line between the actual world and "girl" stuff.  I often look and say "funny.  But is it a Saturday cartoon or a Sunday cartoon?"

It's a strip I'd love to see in my daily paper but I somehow don't see that happening.  The WaPo has never been known for edgy comics.  I mean, they tossed Zippy the Pinhead!  Twice!

Click or zoom to enjoy.  And set your clocks ahead, where appropriate!

So's mine.  Borderline Saturday

Shoes?  Definitely a Saturday topic.  AND she has a shoe blog

For me,mbers of the tribe that's a given :)

But we'd still like to go out with Lila.  Once or twice anyway.

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  1. Love Lila, sometimes I feel as we are twins separated at birth. After all she does have a shoe blog!


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