Friday, March 27, 2015

Lifetime Supply

I often wear a tank or camisole under my shirt.  I like to grab one that more-or-less matches the shirt of the day.

My preference is for a cami.  If it's possible to see through the shirt, I go with a tank.

I have quite a number of each, including about a half-dozen white tanks to go with shirts with a white base (like many of my striped shirts).  Some of the tanks are questionable but there are two reasons I wear them anyway:

1. no-one notices
2. if they do, I don't care.

Questionable includes racerback or v-necks or other feminine touches to what's really a stolen undershirt.

But thanks to "Woot Accessories," I have picked up two separate packs of Things To Wear Under My Shirt.

One is a pack of ten stretchy "one size" camis in a variety of colours.  The other is a dozen tanks in a dozen colours.

I think I won't be shopping for camisoles or hunting for tanks I can grudgingly wear for a long time.

On a related note, socks, especially girl socks, have a limited life.  I picked up a dozen pair of Esprit socks from Daily Steals to replace socks that are starting to succomb to the escape attempts of my toes.  For the most part, they're more girl-ish than girl (pastel patterns vs, say, hearts) which is what I'm usually looking for.

This won't be a lifetime supply, but I'm probably good for a year.

Each of these collections was under $30.

I have a decent supply of panties, picked up at various places.  Panties are harder because they need to fit really well.  Unless I find one of my known good panties, I wouldn't buy in bulk.

My only remaining problem is convincing myself that I don't want to go shopping for panties, socks, and camisoles.


  1. I too have had to restrain myself when it comes to underwear, I quite sure that I have far too many pairs of panties and a good selection of bras, yet I still find myself checking out the racks when ever I am in a store.

  2. Love me some woot! I can sometimes get away with a bra if I'm wearing a very loose shirt (otherwise it can show up). Since I have somewhat man boobs, sometimes wearing a bra can actually help my appearance.

    1. Bras mostly disappear under a tank. If you look close, you can probably see the band if you hunch forward but (1) how often do you hunch forward and (2) no-one's looking.

  3. Meg -

    Be careful - shopping can become a wonderful addiction!

    Unlike you, I don't mix male and female clothes - when out as Marian, there is no trace of Mario (and vice versa). Other than one incident that you've noted in the blog, do you think anyone has noticed anything about what you wear?


  4. I don't think anyone would say anything anyway. I've been wearing a bra as well (future post) with some level of padding. If anyone ever comments, I have a ready reply: "my doctor needs to see when they stop growing before I can do anything about it." If they say anything about removal, I'll say "Are you nuts? I want them BIGGER."

    But I don't expect any comments.

  5. While I have been wearing panties and pantyhose under my slacks for decades it is only the past few years that I have added a bra, sometimes with small inserts and sometimes without, sometimes with a cami/slip and sometimes without. It depends on the season and what shirt I will be wearing that day. If it is a casual dress day I have more latitude than if it is a suit & tie & dress shirt day. Lots of times this winter I will wear a sweater vest and that gives me the freedom to wear a bra with a higher degree of confidence that it will not be noticed.


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